Research Affiliations
Research Grants

Singapore Management University Internal Research Grant entitled: “Inferences for Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Models with Applications,” with Zhenlin Yang (Principal Investigator), 2016.

Economic & Social Research Council, (ESCRC) and DFID funded Project entitled: “Politics, Growth and Finance,” University of Leicester, with S. Andrianova (Principal Investigator), P. Demetriades, D. Fielding, et al., 2012.


Economic & Social Research Council, (ESCRC), RES-000-22-2774, "The Political Economy of African Financial (Under)-Development," University of Leicester, with S. Andrianova, P. Demetriades and D. Fielding, 2008.

European Union Center Grant, "Intra-and Extra Euro Area Import Demand--Has the Euro Made a Difference?" 2005.

Bush Program in Economics of Public Policy, "Homogeneous, Heterogeneous or Shrinkage Estimators? Some Empirical Evidence from French Regional Gasoline Consumption," 2001.

Bush Program in Economics of Public Policy, "The Econometrics of Spatial Panel Data Models," 2000.

Texas Advanced Research Program, "Liquor Consumption:  The Relative Impact of Different Social Control Devices," 1999.

Bush Program in Economics of Public Policy, "Empirical Tests of the Rational Addiction Model" 1998.

Bush Program in Economics of Public Policy, "The Econometrics of Rational Addiction:  The Case of Cigarettes," 1998.

Naomi Lewis Faculty Fellowship in Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University, 1992-1993.

Texas Advanced Research Program, "The Effects of Airline Deregulation on Costs and Technical Change," 1991.

Texas Advanced Research Program, "Cigarette Taxation: Raising Revenues and Reducing Consumption," 1989.

Energy Laboratory, University of Houston, "A General Index of Technical Change:  The Case of Steam-Electric Generation," 1986.

Advanced Research Grant Program, University of Houston, "Pooling Incomplete Time Series of Cross-Section Data Using Unbalanced ANOVA Designs" 1985.

Research Initiation Grant, University of Houston, 1980.

Senior Research Associate, Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University, 2005-present.

Research Fellow, CESifo, Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research, 2003-present.

Equipe de Recherche sur les Marchés (ERMES), Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Research Fellow, 2003-present.

Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Research Fellow, 2002.

George Bush School of Government and Public Service, Bush Economics Fellow, 2001.

Private Enterprise Research Center (PERC,) Research Fellow, 1991-2005.

Research Fellow, Center for Public Policy, University of Houston, 1982-1988.

Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 1977-1978.

Research Consultant, Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, Fall, 1997.


Panel Data

Spatial Panels

Specification Testing

 Simultaneous Equations

Seemingly Unrelated Regressions


Serial Correlation


Functional Form

Monte Carlo Experiments

Nonparametric Tests 

Applied Econometrics:

Factor Productivity and Technical Change (Airlines, Electric Utilities),

Gasoline Demand,

Bootlegging and Taxation (Cigarettes, Liquor),

Rational Addiction

Effects of Public Capital on Private Sector Productivity,

Wage Curve,

Quasi-Experimental Price Elasticities,

Health Econometrics

Areas of Research Interest

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